Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wow, I'm really bad at this game.

Funny how we always manage to follow up our greatest achievements with some of our biggest failures.

Well, ok, I don't know if anybody else does that, but I certainly did. Today was a fine day for disc golf - windy, yes, but the temperature was in the mid 50s and the sun shone all day. I got good rest last night despite being on night shift, I got off about midnight, and I got to the tournament in plenty of time to warm up. There really was no excuse today.

Despite that complete lack of excuses, I still managed to shoot 2 of my worst rounds in a year or two, and maybe my worst round ever relative to my skill level when I shot it.

Most of my drives were really weak today, coming out of my hand and immediately hyzering, which is disc golf speak for turning the way the disc naturally wants to turn. For a right handed player who throws mostly backhand shots, that would be to the left. Hyzer is great... when the basket you're aiming at is actually to the left.  When I'm trying to throw straight shots and shots to the right and still getting a big hyzer curve, I've got a problem.

I can't say for sure, but I just felt a whole body weakness and lack of strength in my arm. I think it may be related to some health problems I suspect I have, but as was proven in October, I clearly can play a decent round of golf, especially speaking on a recreational level.

I'm pretty frustrated and discouraged, but I can't quit altogether. Night shift work has made my health a constant issue, as I don't get the rest I should and it's really hard to find time to practice my game. Expecting miracles when you don't put in the time is a recipe for failure.

With all that said... I'm going to take a bit of time off and hit it even harder in January. I know it'll be freezing, but at least my mental game will hopefully be up to snuff. I love disc golf, and it deserves my full effort.

Sorry for a very "me" centric blog post. I really am not a self centered person. I'm just in a bad spot right now... so thank you, if you read this. I appreciate all those in my life that encourage me and help me make it through the day.

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